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Roof In A Bucket

Liquid roof in a bucket helps repair.renew and its New

Simple application for flat roofs, shingle roofs, roof tiles, wood shakes, roll it on or spray it on ( Do It Your Self and Save) no open flame like torch and also no hassle to try and battle self adhere systems that add costly accessories to complete the roof.

Warrenty we offer a basic 5 year any recoat and we also offer a 20 year warrenty for other larger material projects.

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elastomeric white roof coating_roof in bucket

Black Shingle
White Shingle
White Shingle
Foam Roofing - Cool Roof Systems
Reflectance = 5%
Temperature = 180°F
Reflectance = 29%
Temperature = 157°F
Reflectance = 60%
Temperature = 128°F
Shingles with lighter/whiter color or roofing granules reflect the solar heat.

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